HubRx – automated dispensing for independent pharmacies

HubRx is a newly formed company helping to transform community pharmacy by developing the UK’s first state of-the-art centralised automated pharmacy for independent pharmacy contractors. Our mission is to help you spend less time dispensing, levelling the playing field with the multiples.

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Transforming Independent Pharmacy

  • Transform your business: HubRx exists to free up capacity so you can take on more advanced clinical services.
  • Maintain the highest standards: Dispensing will be undertaken from the latest state-of-the-art automated facility ensuring dispensing accuracy every step of the process. Critically all clinical checks, nominations and the patient relationship will remain with the pharmacy.
  • A catalyst for change: The first hub and spoke model of its kind for independent pharmacy offering a new way for pharmacies to re-engineer their processes, contract their repeat dispensing and deliver higher value clinical services.

A unique business model that allows you to focus on higher-value clinical services.

HubRx’s unique business model with transparent pricing enables you to focus on higher value clinical services.

HubRx is independent too – backed by a team with decades of experience in digital healthcare with a track record of success including 20 years’ experience in centralised automated dispensing.

Working in partnership, HubRx will develop an integration with the RxWeb platform which is used by over 1800 pharmacies, to allow the secure transfer of the patient prescription and ensure a seamless patient experience.

Find out more about our team and how it works, or contact our customer service team.