Transforming independent pharmacy – from a primarily dispensing focus to a service-led role

We are investing £8m to create the UK’s latest state-of-the-art automated dispensing hub facility.

Our facility will give you the option to contract up to 70% of your dispensing workload, liberating you to focus on delivering clinical services to patients.  We’ll support you to free up capacity and reach your full clinical potential with the dispensing capabilities of our unique ‘hub and spoke’ model, the first of its kind for the independent sector.

Delivering High Standards

You will have the space and time to extend your clinical role and use the full breadth of your skills, releasing more income under the new Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (2019-2024).

Our automated pharmacy hub will support the highest clinical accuracy and safety standards. You and your business will always retain ownership of the patient relationship and the patient’s nomination.

A first in the UK

For the first time ever, due to new legislation due to be introduced in 2021, the UK’s 4461 independents will be able to realise the time-saving benefits of automated hub and spoke dispensing already enjoyed by big multiple pharmacies.

The big chains have their own hubs. Ours, built and operated to the highest standards, will be the first for independent pharmacy and a catalyst for change – levelling the playing field with the multiples.

Why choose HubRx?

HubRx was created solely to serve independent pharmacy. Nobody else is doing what we are doing. We are entirely independent pharmacy-focused, so your needs are our priority.

HubRx is independent too – backed by a team with decades of experience with digital healthcare with a track record of success including 20 years’ experience in centralised automated dispensing.

Working in partnership, HubRx will initially develop an integration with the RxWeb platform which is used by over 1800 pharmacies, to allow the secure transfer of the patient prescription and ensuring a seamless patient experience.

Find out more about our team and how it works, or contact our customer service team.